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Many residents of Denver were worried that cannabis grows and dispensaries were beginning to overpopulate lower income areas and areas around children and schools. The proposal wanted to put a cap on the amount of [More]
This video shows the scare tactics used to pass the marijuana tax act of 1937, “effectively making marijuana illigal”. Also it shows the ignorance of Harry J. Anslinger when presented with scientific evidence disproving all [More]
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Watch the republican candidates debate marijuana.
Cannabis in Canada is still widely illegal. With a new government entering parliament in 2016, the odds of legalization, further criminalization or decriminalization of marijuana coming to fruition are still to be determined. But despite [More]
In the latest episode of our Canadian Cannabis series, we take a look at how Canada is missing out on an economic windfall by continuing down a path of restrictive marijuana policies. Fucked Up’s Damian [More]
Medical marijuana farmer Tom Lauerman has dedicated his life to normalizing cannabis in the U.S. He went from being arrested at his medical collective in 1999, to working with the federal government today to establish [More]