The Dark Grey Market: Canadian Cannabis

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Cannabis in Canada is still widely illegal. With a new government entering parliament in 2016, the odds of legalization, further criminalization or decriminalization of marijuana coming to fruition are still to be determined. But despite that, black market growers and grey market marijuana dispensaries are more prevalent than ever. And the sometimes dangerous, and legally dubious process of manufacturing weed oils and other concentrates is rising with growers investing tens of thousands of dollars to make sheets of potent pot wax.

With the legal fate of weed still in the balance, VICE host Damian Abraham went to BC, the Wild West of Canadian chronic, visited grows operating illegally or semi-legally, met concentrate manufacturers making large quantities of oil in spite of the law, and checked in on the exploding dispensary scene that the federal Conservative government is trying to shut down.

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Keith Ferguson says:

Canada's new government will legalize (control, regulate tax) and shut down this insanely rich and powerful Cannabis Cartel; the MMAR growers who profit enormously from prohibition with their insane patient plant limits of 100 up to 500 plants.  They have no regulation, inspection or taxation and launder millions into legit businesses.

Sulinium says:

Could you make a tube of pot wax and just hold a flame a few inches underneath it to smoke? LOL

B King says:

fake voice is annoying as fuck

Lance Gallo says:

Vice please find some quality grows.. These dudes are talking about fire tree but every single video clip of kush you have shown looks mediocre. The green house hell even outdoor in California looks way better then this indoor. And don't get me started with the indoor down here. Cut off these mediocre amateur growers Vice. Contact me to see my buddies farm in California next season.

Lance Gallo says:

Lol 16:00
We're in it for the patients.. Oh this shatter here. About a hundred dollars per gram.. Lmfao. This dude full of shit.

John Hillion says:

Wow Vice that's smart give tape to a woman who claims shes cured her sons cancer with cannabis oil 3 times and can't even pronounce the type of cancer, that's not going to cause harm to someone on here thinking they should just smoke cannabis instead and stop their real treatment from a fucking doctor.

Manuel Otic says:

ja mexicana and cocaina

Walter Patton says:

If the states wish to legalize Marijuana then why must we stop them? I know it possibly have bad effects on your lungs and in some cases your brain. The right to decide is in the hands of the people and their votes. I'm a christian and feel the same way about gay marriage. God gave us free will. God has given us our right to decide whether we want to commit sins or not.

robdicklong says:

Getting Impatient waiting for Legalization, lets make it happen already please.

Dylan Bradbury says:

21:58 "and Guy Fawkes was an anarchist after all" maybe you should cut back on the weed g

miky smith says:

every stoner should litter untill they lagalize it….

miky smith says:

great video…ontario will over regulate breathing air let alone regulate weed just like the man said…the gov dsnt k ow this industry and we do…so there will always be a prohibition and a thriving black market even if its legal….who would want to pay tax on a gram….like how can u say to someone that would be ten bucks plus tax lol those people are always gonna go to a friend and grab….because im sure they are afraid of loosing alcohol sales and revenues….look at cigarettes going down in sales due to the electric cigs and reserve bag smomes they are crying blaming it on contraband…but yet thwy overtax it and bitch that our healthcare is free so they have to tax it…ppl that have cancer have to pay for chemo…wich is bs so ftax and fthem and their lies! legalize it peace

zackcraft says:

I still don't understand why people smoke these concentrates.  I vape good quality BC bud and get super stoned. Why do you need concentrates?

Bryan Davis says:

That weed they are growing is garbage lol!

MrRossipoo says:

it will be cool if they are weed documentary about how other countries are legalising and how countries like England will probably not or just not in the long run because of the drug companies that make a load of money

Craig Baker says:

you guys should have come to my house lol I have a legal license to grow in canada

Rasmus Rasmussen says:

vice why you deactivate comments? when we spread knowlegde of your deal with the devil, brainwashing propaganda channel ruined by zionists now, sad but true they killed vice.

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