Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom

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Harry Smith examines the issue of cannabis in the workplace, as Colorado employers work to reconcile a more-open cannabis culture with workplace rules that enforce zero tolerance.

The most touching parts of the documentary revolve around medical cannabis, in which Smith talks with families who have moved to Colorado because that’s the only way to get drugs they feel represent a last and/or best hope for their children.



kamionek aniolek says:

poland wont lagal weed

Brian Murray says:

This guy makes more than 10k a year he just said that since the legal limit of donations is like 11k a year tax free.

bermudaguy1 says:

They couldn't find a bank? Check HSBC, they'll take money from anybody!

animaonathens says:

what this documentary is showing us, is that the capitalistic pigs smelled money and jumped in with their greedy faces

mm ix says:

Not sure why the laws don't test for alcohol. Being hung over has to be infinitely more dangerous than having a few puffs off a bowl of cannabis.

MJ G says:

Complaining because some people are smoking cannabis outside and the anti's catch a whiff of it…if you dont like it, you can just get the f@#k outta the state!

Alex Brnjac says:

saw 360p and left

Hidden Realm Instrumentals says:

free the herb for everyone everywhere!!!

skatatataatje says:

Money will always find a way. Especially in 'Murica.

Luke Ochoa says:

Am I the only one who notices the greed involved in all this? I support the farmers, not the industry. I support the men and women who risk their freedom for something that they love, not pigs looking to get rich quick. It's a double edged sword because with popularity and acceptance comes an equal amount money hungry opportunists. BY THE WAY this is only my opinion, and I am nothing but a guy with a keyboard. That being said I'd love to hear any other thoughts on this matter.

Mitul454 says:

bunch of pothead who cant see life without being high

mark allen says:

Open your own banks.

pancho Lopez says:

I used to sell regular brownies at school and would call them pot brownies. Stupid potheads believed me and I made a bit of extra cash hahaha they usually would some right after they ate it so it was a clean scam hahaha

LimitlessFilm Pro says:

hahaha edibles are a danger to children? hahaha are people not listening to the fact that this plant isnt harmful with its properties, excluding the smoke. If i kid eats a canni candy bar whats the worst thatll happen, they'll get baked yes but no harm will be done. just keep it on the top shelf and if your kid is magically baked one day then shit, thats your fault.

LimitlessFilm Pro says:

Charlotte is seizure free but she stoned as fuck hahaha

uski59 says:

WOW,….I cant voice my own opinion here simply because there isnt enough space,……But I highly,……..LOL…Now Thats a PUN………..Earnesly,…..agree with someone else,s comment. quote …"Steve Oldschool 3 months ago
Cannabis going into the wrong hands – greedy money orientated egotistical empire-builders.
Cannabis is 'The Peoples Plant', not some Licensed Genetic Mutation awaiting patent number.
Organic Sunshine Spring Water.
Love Steve"………

Chill Republic says:

Pretty Chill!

Jordan McLaughlin says:

Its already sickening seeing business entrepreneurs who previously had nothing to do with weed, and 2 years ago would have probably acted like weed was the devil, now running the industry and aiming to become the "Starbucks" of pot. They are going to ruin this

Harald Prydz says:

Cannabis allows me to have my life again, whereas I would probably be a threat to society xD.

WeedTube says:

Cops always looking for ways to issue fines

Rasta says:

I want the go to sleep stuff

drewanderson5 says:

Jobs jobs and more jobs

Sinsatiable Biotic says:

I can't understand how someone would be against marijuana, but is for this trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry! This amazing plant is truly a gift from the universe!

Andrew G. Bernhardt says:

I didn't even watch this video documentary, but let me say this… Our president is a self proclaimed drug user of cocaine, he has sympathy for druggies, and he's told the attorney general of the USA to issue a guide line to the DEA, FBI and the courts to not enforce the law and deter the drug crimes.  If we get a president that isn't a coke head (who didn't smoke or snort coke to figure out who he was), they might enforce the law and deter crime again.  That would mean that once again, federal law supersedes state law, and that drugs are illegal, including marijuana. Remember, the drug dispensaries are just drug dealorships, no medical doctor can write any prescription for marijuana, it's illegal, it's a schedule one drug according to the DEA and FDA, so there's no medical purpose for it, and it's highly addictive.  No pharmacist can or will fill it, and no pharmacy will ever sell it.  No pharmaceutical company will ever produce it.  No drug dealor or drug dealership (or dispensary) can have a bank account, as it's money laundering.  Bottom line, sorry to inform you but drugs are illegal. The FBI and DEA should jointly go arrest the incompetent, illiterate, and ignorant state legislatures (or alderman of municipalities who think their city ordinances supersedes federal law) who pretend their laws supersedes federal law.  Incarcerate them all.  I don't care if they're licensed professionals, with or without families, what a bunch of f-ing idiots!  Lock em all up, and throw away the key!  Then close down the drug dealorships, all their clientele, etc. and incarcerate them also.  Maybe the DEA should lace all drugs with arsenic and cyanide and sell it undercover to users.  All crime is directly linked to drugs, all of it, drugs are bad!

Andrew H. says:

Schedule 1, rofl……

poopasaurus rex says:

22:28 damn that kid smoked some of that top-shelf shit.

Brandon Davis says:

All you have to do is get a blood test and it will tell if you are high or not. It only lasts on your blood for a few hours.

mason salt says:

Seriously: Anyone with a brain can refute negatives toward legalizing this shit. Any discerning pot smoker can tell whether it came in a dirt weed packed Mexican brick or a home-grown U.S. green house; much like I can tell if I'm drinking good or bad wine. Legalize and cut out the middle man if you think valuable U.S dollars are being poured out of the country. I haven't bought Mexican brick bud for 17 years. Can I be facetious and say "GO U.S.A."? Really people… Make it happen already.

mason salt says:

I was sitting here thinking of a long comment. What's the point? Weed should be legal; alcohol should be legal as well because according to history, that kind of prohibition doesn't work… Can the government and these money grubbing fucks really not find a way to make this beneficial for everyone?

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