Celebrating 4-20 with London’s Weed Fanatics

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WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL POT – http://bit.ly/1bdZzf6
All across the world, governments are rethinking their attitudes towards the criminalisation of cannabis. Yet in Britain, fusty politicians terrified by that video of Jon Snow losing his mind on super-skunk are refusing to free the weed, uncurb the herb or liberate the oregano dream pipe.

We went along to Hyde Park to join London’s most ardent weed advocates for the annual 4/20 celebrations, which this year doubled as a protest rally for those who want cannabis to be legalised.

We caught up with Big Narstie, watched the police make an array of arrests, talked to some of the activist-stoners and found out why you should always smoke through an Eric Cartman bong.

Read: The Quest to Grow the World’s Most Powerful Pot – http://bit.ly/1bdZzf6

Watch: Stoned Moms – http://bit.ly/1zD56Si

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Sebastian Bloom says:

police comes with 100 mans to free the park from peaceful people

Chuckie Abellard says:

what a bunch of bums. they look so dirty

I_still_ride_with_ training_wheels says:

Help me out legalize wee in Indiana https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/legalize-marijuana-state-indiana-0

fallingstarrr says:

that cartman bong tho

HydranoidCreations says:

This is the reason why it won't get legalized over in the UK. Tbh i feel ashamed to ne English with some of these guys that are like yeah get baaaare loud bruv innit. They wan't it legalized just to smoke it. Don't get me wrong, I want it legalized over here in Spain to smoke, but more than that for all the other benefits there are, such as a massive economic industry, medical, energies, plastics, thousands of things and it also cleans up the enviroment partially as it is based off carbon and CO2 is abundant so another win there. People need to educate themselves before jumping on the band wagon and be like yo bruv lets get bare high and shit innit bruv

John Knuckles says:

they shouldve talk to too much blackies. they sound stupid af all about "im cool" actions. ughh looks bad

Owen Was says:

I'm english and smoke n just watched most of these dead beat ass clowns speak out n waffle on for the legalisation of cannabis in the uk with my head in my hands. embarrassing. cannabis cup eat ya heart out lol

grime420 Uk says:

B-D-L 🇬🇧

jack baker says:

100% cunt ratio.

zero says:

0:49 hunter s. thompson?

Celtic Taino says:

Oh god..please tell me that this isn't what the stereotype is for someone who smokes marijuana in the U.K…I am hoping to study abroad in Glasgow and do NOT want to deal with this

Kaiben Music says:

Weed is similar to any other drugs like alcohol, caffeine and tobacco or other things like sugar, salt or fatty foods. If you do it too much on a daily basis (Especially when you're young) then it can have negative side effects, of course it can. Speaking as a person who smoked a lot of weed from the age of 16 until I was 21, I have noticed some negative side effects that I really hope aren't permanent. My ability to concentrate, focus, learn and retain new information has been obviously diminished. But that's my fault for doing it way too much at a young age, while my brain was still developing. There have been definitive studies that have shown it does affect the brains of young people who do it regularly. But this is not to say that it shouldn't be legal. If people are educated and made aware of the negative side effects of excessive use, they will be less likely to smoke it excessively. Everything in moderation! Even doing it once a week is fine, just don't do it every day! I see too many people saying how weed is harmless and quite frankly that just isn't true, it can be harmful, but only when used excessively. Doing it on a less regular basis also makes it more enjoyable and something to look forward to, rather than a constant habit that you end up getting bored of. Being hazy headed all day every day becomes pretty dull after a while. Of course it affects everybody differently though, this is just my personal experience, that I know many others have experienced as well. I also know a lot of people who can smoke all the weed they like and are totally fine and can still be productive.

GB3770 says:

As Bill Hicks said: The war on drugs is being won by those on drugs – maybe not this lot – but you know – lol.

GB3770 says:

its mostly legal in USA now and so will be in the UK too fairly soon…

P Armstrong says:

I don't smoke anymore and I'm all for legalisation, but c'mon…. These people don't exactly give a good image, to present to someone who's on the fence about legalisation.

Ethan Crisp says:

3:48 always wondered was curtis at the back would end up if he didnt die in misfits (spoilers) 

WellerT says:

Excited about spliff time 12.36

Fedor Amuricano says:

Wait am i the only one who noticed the perfectly BEAUTIFUL MOLLATO girl at 2:29 ??????? WTH ! she is hell beautiful !

Richard Mutton says:

You gotta back it fam il back it!!!!!!!!

The Rhys says:

My man Big Narstie gets off for a big guy 🍁

Summer Mounty says:


Niki Taylor says:

Guys just wanna say Cig's are worse than weed!?! believe it or not

Sryder says:

Legal adults for all cannabis.

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