The Hard Lives of Britain’s Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

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Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally. On the eve of the ban, VICE travelled to Manchester to meet some more vulnerable users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances and discovered that solving the problem won’t be as simple as making legal highs illegal.

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starlaeuropa says:

Only a Tory government would cut housing/addiction support, yet still think that banning a substance like Spice will solve the problem. NEWSFLASH – it won't, it'll just push it further underground, where the street gangs will simply be selling it instead of the head shops (which means that under 18s will be buying it, as dealers don't tend to have too many qualms about selling to kids).

Alex Hutcherson says:

Jeez I smoked this stuff in the U.S when it first came out didnt like it but it had a similar high as bud only used it when I didnt have bud never got addicted glad to say I didnt

Supreme Meme Overlord ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Man… I didn't know that K2 did this to you. I like to stay informed on drug related stuff, but I didn't know this shit. I've done it once, but it didn't feel that different from weed because it wasn't that much. I was also drunk at the time so I probably just don't remember it. That was 3 years ago and I'd never do it again.

chato ninefivesix says:

7 days clean off diablo and other houston spice brands… my body was acting exactly like that dude that smokes 6 grams a day for 4 days straight. couldnt keep down fluids. panic attacks. trembles. convulsions. sweat. diharrea. it gets better! hang in there. tighten those balls up n stop being a lil bitch ride it out like a man, its worth it

bangem andleavem says:

let's face it. if you take this shit , your mother gave birth to an imbecile. eom.

have you a nice day ? says:

heftig wusste es ist nicht good zum Glück bin ich weg …. aver meine Freunde nicht …

barb0720 says:

Everyone deserves a chance, but when you piss that chance down the drain with shit like this you deserve no more chances, no more pity, not more fucking handouts. Some people are just human trash and need to be taken to the dump.

dominiccss says:

ive done grams upon grams of the PURE CHEMICAL. Never had any bad experieces.

avaorchid says:

Holy hell, please just decriminalize marijuana so these people can stop smoking God only knows what. If this is simply designed to mimic thc then why is there this sort of violent physical withdrawal. That simply does not occur in real marijuana. Yes some people experience a bit of a mental craving and maybe feel a tad off without their weed but nothing like this terrible jones!

tasteslikeawesome says:

Smoked an old man pipe packed with spice to the brim once and I blacked out a minute after while riding a skateboard, came back after a hundred feet and was fucking GONE. I couldn't understand the street sign or where I was shit it was the most confusion and panic I have ever felt. Have never been confused or paranoid on drugs since. CRAZY SHIT.

james frazier says:

We just call it fake here in the states.. crazy shit, fucked up to use. I did it when i was 11 when it was "safer" and tripped out and literally felt stupid after a while.

Thomas Vejsada says:

I hope that guy gets off that stuff i feel so bad for him

Michael Greenwood says:

Question. What does the name 'Legal High', really mean? Is it some glue head addictive junky finding some shit that doesn't make him feel as dopy, groggy or sedated. Therefore he thinks he is getting high. Better than petrol fumes or his knock out lighter fuel. So he calls it a 'high'. Then some dude realises there is no law yet specificly prohibiting it's use. So they market it as a 'legal high'. The legal bit is because dealers want to sell it and it is not yet illgal. It does not mean it has been extensively researched and tested. The cloest it got to testing was some dreadlock smokey, snorting it, then declareing it, 'good shit man'.
Usually medicins which make claims of causing improvements to health have to have months and months of trials. But 'Legal Highs'. What are they? Any chemical, smokeble, snortable, swallowable or injectable which has not yet been determined to be a significant detriment to man kind. They are not making medical claims. You may be thinking that medical pharmaceutical science knows every known chemical under the sun. But it doesn't. There are thousands of unknown chemicals unknown out there. Some are derivities of other chemicals. New chemicals will still be coming to light in 2025 or the year 2115 (100 years in the future).

i like pigs says:

legalize weed then init

Felipe Gómez Garzón says:

i tried one called mind trip my worst experience ever it was like say hello to the evil and say good bye to your life

legalize marijuana

salteste nøtta says:

That the goverment can make one thing illegal (pot in this case),and then replace it with something 10 times worse is just sick. A sign of to much paper and bureaucracy. It should be a at least,like the millitary, (i live in norway) 9-12 months living like a poor human beeing..with all the struggle and hardship that comes with it,to be able to come in to the parlament/stortinget. <3

Taíma says:

Does anybody know the name of the song in the beginning???

Alejandro Pena says:

Why make fake weed that is harmful,when you can buy real weed that's healthy

kira 008 says:

spice…one time, never again..

Ed Smith says:

If I happen to run out of grass or dabs than i just go the day without getting high. Sucks sometimes but could be worse. Never smoked this shit, never will.

David Reyes says:

its so addicting. i cant stop and i know its going to kill me. or im going to kill myself. its that bad. ive tried to quit but i cant and go into deep depression. i know im going to die. and cant quit.

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