Top 5 Mind Blowing Facts About Marijuana

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Mary Jane is all over the news these days. But you’d be surprised how much you don’t know about it! In this installment of WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts, we’re going to try to take an unbiased view of a controversial subject, and count down the five most mind-blowing things that you probably didn’t know about marijuana.

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MistaTofMaine says:

solution for #1, grow outside

Stephanie Frisby (BlazingBlackness) says:

@Beats S yes

lukasz yanicko says:

The whole energy thing about marijuana taking a lot of energy to grow is because by law in the few states that legalized it as a condition it can't be grown were kids or the public can get there hands on it. So you can't grow cannabis outdoors.

Tomas Afonso says:

That fact about Portugal isnt totally true… If you have a small amount of light drugs such has haxixe and marijuana the cops only take it from you and they send you to a session in a anti drug center that is FULL of drug addicts, like you are there because of weed but there are people there because of crack and other drugs that are heavier, also that fact isnt totally true because although you dont go prison for small amounts IF you are caught with more than 4 grams or maybe even 3 you are going to the police station be sure of that, and also if you are caught more than 1 time with haxixe or weed, imagine its the 2nd time you have to pay 25 euros and if you are caught the 3rd time its 50 and always like that always doubling up. So that fact wasnt really explained, but it was a great video keep up the good work.
Greetings from Portugal

Jason Nostro (macboy74) says:

I love how it's the gateway drug. I've been smoking weed for 23 years never did any other drug. Hmmm

Nectar Head says:

i smoked weed everyday when i was a teenager then i grew up and stopped being a fucking degenerate loser.

Joel R says:

i love the last clip (broken bottles) that made my day, seems about right if you and your mates are dickheads and totaly pissed on alcohol. I cant be bothered to open a twist bottle nevermind out else.

Big Kerth says:

Pass the dutchie to the left hand side

Baked Lama says:

Currently watching this baked as fuck

Early Man says:

Honestly i enjoy weed but jesus christ why do you people care when random people online get mad about your weed use and say it is addictive. don't get mad back, its not fucking worth it. just don't worry about people like that and keep using it if you like it. who cares

guitarforya says:

It should be legal everywhere

Towelie says:

Marijuana is a fake drug.

Again Marijuana does not exist. It is a name the media and government generated through racism and fear based propaganda. Please reference "refer madness" (we laugh at that movie now but ppl believed that shit back in the day….. ) is a good list of all the affects and fears that were perpetuated and credited to a made up drug.

The medicine that everyone thinks is a drug called "Marijuana" is actually called "Cannabis". Marijuana is a racist slang term. It's like being arrested for Cocaine possession but on the police and court records, your were charged and processed for possession of "Wetback Powder" …. …. dafuq?!?!

This is not how the justice system works and their has been a deliberate propaganda campaign since the 50's to convince and confuse us all that Cannabis is the same thing as Marijuana. so they can arrest us for it. because marijuana is harmful.

But cannabis is not.

you see what they did?

Brash UniDog says:


falloutpanicmcr says:

they didnt tell any dangers????

Raphael Giraldo says:

Stop calling it marijuana fool here's the #1 fact!! Cannabis is its real name any other name is slander to the Sacrament!

Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen says:

The environmental impacts can mostly be resolved by recycling the waste into things like hempcrete and using alternate energy sources for the growth. Or even better, growing it outside.

Yoshifan0312RBLX says:

Marijuana should be legalized in every U.S. state. It's less dangerous than alcohol, and has medicinal purposes.

AbsolCat Gaming (mississabsol) says:

marijuana? never expected it.

Joao Santos says:

Marijuana kills

Sea horses says:

Who the f tokes up and eats glass wtf

King Sesh says:

Weed is like cancer to humans. Calm down it's a joke.

vengefulbeauty says:


stonner2k says:

thats the new one you pot smokers are killing the planet, fuck off alot of pot growers are green as can be just look on here (youtube) and solar power does not harm the planet

george kalil says:

Heres a question for all you viewers!!! Do you think it should be illegal for a licensed MMJ patient to get turned down for a job/career that doesn't involve  driving or operating heavy machinery??? what do YOU think?

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