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Baked – Episode 5: Ex-Cops Smoking Weed: Full Video

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iTrena says:

"unless I see your niece there"

savage ass cop holy

cameron feige says:

dope vid

Riccardo Milo says:

5:55 The guy in the middle thinks hes suckin a dick!

Weed mann says:

enjoy my channel

Pedro A. Ramirez says:

I wish we had more cops like that

Sara Garber says:

Please check out my music video on my channel! It's all about bongs and weed! It's totally worth watching! It's called "The Bong Song" :)

Mikhail Ostrogradsky says:

Rated XXX

ol' joey nando's says:

what a bunch of kool dudes

Cole Marra says:

Why is that leagel anywhere we all should just ban drugs but keep over the counter drugs😀

Rick R says:

Thats my biggest fear of trying marijuana is someone lacing it with something else and next thing you know Im a crackhead

fuckswag says:

Back when cops confiscated weed and smoked it lol

jimm bou says:

the reserve cop seemed to enjoy life so much better then the old to the point cops!!! Either way none of them are cops now and I wonder who enjoy their careers and life better at the end. As for friends, The old to the standard cops seem like assholes at the beginning. The other reserve cop seems to be the one you would actually enjoy time with and I don't even smoke!!! Weird.

Ematic says:

This just makes me smile hahaha

coco christy says:

Everyone who is a heroin addict started out drinking milk… #Good1

Lorenzo Newman says:

"unless you see your niece there"😂😂😂😂😂

Dan Schumacher says:

For some reason I'd like to see one with the GOP smokes weed.

Tash Capon says:

"That was a good rip" 😂😂😂😂

SuperKenutz kenutz says:

You guys should make way more videos like this its hilarious and entertaining even tho i saw this likebwhen it first came out

Tyler Ruzic says:

What bong is that? I'm interested in buying it :3

Tom Cooney says:

I hope I'm still open minded like these guys when I'm old.

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