What Is The Best Weed You’ve Ever Smoked?

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Luna Sea says:

That piece is amazing! :o

sonic knuckels says:

that looks just like the  ( GRAPE APE)     the dankest buds around here is called       (( the glue ))    and (( girl scoutt cookies ))      those are the best 2 around here.     the purps tend to be very fruity like a star-burst.     the cookies and the glue is dro and its skunky as fuck.

Nel Vanbuel says:

it's healthy and delicious to smoke?
and it is nice

Brandon Mahon says:

You should you'd the jet bong more often and tell stories about being new to smoking weed

Mario Karasuma says:

Omg, My bong!

Stephanie Scott says:

what's the name of the string you use to light your bong?

Christian YourMom says:

ilysm and I love getting stoned to these videos.

Peter Galindo says:

love your vids, but would like you to post them dailey, you should just make videos of you smoking different strains, and talking

Biotic_Commando says:

That cheeseburger sounds amazing

Biotic_Commando says:

Sounds like something the nights watch would smoke

Please someone get this reference.

Dayana170 says:

How do you pick out your strains ? You seem to get real good shit lol any tips?

iNeed Treez says:

UHhhhhh, cleared that shit like a G!!! iNeedTreez approves haha and that purple ;)

Adriana Macias says:

You look so fucking rad in this video! Super beauty!! 

Frank Dam (Gaming) says:

and dad said that weed could make you ugly…

kidsk8ter Boi says:

+HaleyIsSoarx do a ghetto lung rip

grimreefer says:

yes trip stories haley!!!!!

Katelyn Murphy says:

"I'm so off topic right now, talking about cheeseburgers." 😂😂😂😂

Yaneli Cameros says:

U should put more videos like this on and where can u buy his Bong thing lol😉

Samantha Wilson says:

Could you do a room your ??

Hesitant Alien says:

I really want to try weed just to experiment with it but my mom is so against smoking weed just for fun, like she accepts it if it's for medical purposes but if it's just for fun then she is against it. I'm not saying i want to be a stoner but i just want to try it once.

Ronnie Anzaldua says:

Make a video with those cute long stockings i like so much😉😉

Kendall Manson says:

makeup looks bomb as fuck in this one.

boogey845 says:

personally i'd like to see a video where you talk about nothing but Star Wars, maybe with a strain that's an SW name sake

fairy puff says:

i wanna smoke with u so bad

spenser earley says:

The best strain I smoked here in Texas and anywhere else is:Afghan shoe's.

Omar Salto says:

Blue dream dro

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